Women Talking

  • Tegan & Sara Share All

    In conversation with their long-time friend Vivek Shraya, we celebrate our favourite musical twins’ and the release of their paperback bestselling book High School. Join us for this old fashioned after-school hang-out in the Imagine On Air basement. Music. Fashion. Crushes. Insecurities. Feelings...

  • An Intergalactic Showstopper

    Dawnie Walton’s approach to life and writing is nothing short of dazzling. The author’s unique joy and depth comes out in conversation as much as it does off every page of her widely acclaimed ‘intergalactic show-stopper’ of a book, The Final Revival of Opal & Nev.

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  • Ageless Generous Brilliance

    Ruth Ozeki and Genki Ferguson know and love each other’s books. Not only that but they’re both filmmakers, sumo-philes, and each has a Japanese mother; their first in-person meeting at Book Warehouse in Vancouver (where Ferguson works) was pure kismet.

  • Epically Engrossing Madeline Miller

    Brilliant, creative, and humble, Madeline Miller has enjoyed the rare pleasure of watching her unforgettable book The Song of Achilles rise to the bestseller list — twice, nine years apart. Here's why!

    Pick up a copy of The Song of Achilles here: https://wordfest.com/2021/imagineonair-featured-b...

  • Life Lessons at the Poker Table

    The best-selling New Yorker writer (and psychologist) devoted a year to becoming a professional poker player. Mentored by the biggest names in the game, she went on to win big in high stakes No Limit Texas Hold 'Em. Explaining how she did it, she shares valuable insights into disentangling skill ...

  • Tricksters & Ghosts

    A member of the Haisla and Heiltsuk First Nations. author Eden Robinson meets B.C.-born, New York City novelist Emily St. John Mandel connect with laughter, curiosity, and a shared respect for the supernatural.

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  • Memorably in Search of Memory

    One of the most startlingly inventive and distinctive voices of Russia's first post-Soviet literary generation, Maria Stepanova talks to author and artist Leanne Shapton about photography, film and what makes a family "ordinary".

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  • Yes, She Wrote It Before COVID

    Irish-Canadian writer Emma Donoghue shares the stories behind her brilliant, timely, instant No. 1 bestseller The Pull of Our Stars, which depicts a claustrophobic maternity ward and the women who did extraordinary things there during the 1918 pandemic.

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  • Speculative & So Very Real Fiction

    Pick up a copy of Gutter Child here: https://wordfest.com/2021/26at26-featured-books/jael-richardson/

    Pick up a copy of The Strangers here: https://wordfest.com/2021/26at26-featured-books/katherena-vermette/

  • Martha Wainwright Regrets Nothing