The Way We GG 2021

The Way We GG 2021

A nomination and/or a win for Canada’s most prestigious literary medal is an achievement that speaks to talent more than luck. Nonetheless, three humble writers – Francesca Ekwuyasi, Tessa McWatt, and Guy Vanderhaege – gave us a compelling hour of personal stories of luck and the vagaries of success (lucky us).

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The Way We GG 2021
  • Interview: Tessa McWatt

    Is luck a thing? Yes, says Tessa McWatt, and there are many, many kinds, both good and bad, that shape us from birth. The author of The Snow Line has been nominated for G.G. awards more than once, an honour she’d credit to luck to some degree. She tells us a story of how gambling on a dark horse ...


  • Interview: Francesca Ekwuyasi

    Francesca Ekwuyasi is not, she promises, “the kind of person who quotes French philosophers.” Still, she pulls it off with panache (Sartre: “Hell is other people”). The Nigerian Canadian author is eager to credit the role that the kindness of others’ and feeling ‘favoured’ has played in her succe...

  • Interview: Guy Vanderhaeghe

    The brilliant, wonderfully impatient Guy Vanderhaeghe is, as none other than Margaret Lawrence once told him: “the real thing.” Indeed, Vanderhaeghe, (who has won the Governor General’s Award for fiction three times!) is a prince among writers; his reminder to “keep on telling each other: “Let’s ...

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