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  • Power Rangers


    Inspiring, articulate and fearless, pioneering marine biologist Alexandra Morton and former Banff National Park superintendent Kevin Van Tighem are unwavering in their powerful pursuits of protecting the health and diversity of our natural world.

  • Depravation Masks Deprivation

    Movie + 1 extra

    Grief and sex. Murder and marketing. Truth and consequences. This conversation about Animal with Lisa Taddeo is a thrilling and intimate glimpse into an extraordinarily fertile mind.

  • Life Lessons at the Poker Table


    The best-selling New Yorker writer (and psychologist) devoted a year to becoming a professional poker player. Mentored by the biggest names in the game, she went on to win big in high stakes No Limit Texas Hold 'Em. Explaining how she did it, she shares valuable insights into disentangling skill ...

  • Fact, Fiction & Family Secrets


    Tragic family secrets are fascinating fodder for fiction —most satisfyingly revealed when shared by a master writer such as Wayne Johnston.

  • Pain, Big Pharma & the Sacklers

    Movie + 2 extras

    A master of narrative reporting, Patrick Radden Keefe traces the roots of the opioid crisis through the remorseless Sackler family, then broadens his lens in the extraordinarily compelling Empire of Pain to capture the shocking supporting roles played by pharmaceutical sales and advertising, gove...

  • A City of One's Own
    Movie + 1 extra

    A City of One's Own

    Movie + 1 extra

    Featured as part of the May 2021 instalment of Wordfest's Building Community One Book at a Time initiative:
    When it comes to urban planning, it’s still a man’s world. In conversation with Calgary city councillor Druh Farrell, Dr. Leslie Kern reveals her extraordinary vision for how public spaces ...

  • Interview: Uzma Jalaluddin

    Uzma Julaladid overheard her parents’ daily conversation about what to make for dinner. When that domestic love ritual ended, her mother gave in to her first-gen Canadian kids’ plea to trade dal for nachos.

    Pick up a copy of Hana Khan Carries On here:

  • A Very Modern Genius


    Mark Harris delights and astonishes with his new biography, a goldmine of insight into how Mike Nichols lived with and learned from his epic successes and failures — not to mention intelligently told celebrity gossip.

  • A Valuable Hour with Mark Carney


    The words ‘captivating’ and ‘banker’ are rarely seen together but then Mark Carney, PhD is also a gifted writer, whose radical new book Value(s) argues for elevating human values above market values to create a better world. He and Zain Velji talk about a humane economy, politics honed at the fam...

  • The Menopause Vagenda
    Movie + 4 extras

    The Menopause Vagenda

    Movie + 4 extras

    Meet the only two people on the planet who could put menopause, firmly and forever, on the conversational agenda: the world's most famous OB/GYN Dr. Jen Gunter and the indomitable E. Jean Carroll. Sit back and enjoy as they shatter the paradigm of shame, misogyny and invisibility around women's h...

  • Hilary Rodham Sans Clinton


    Curtis Sittenfeld on the compromises of women in politics, the heights Hilary Rodham might have achieved had she never married Bill Clinton, and why she likes rewriting history. A lively conversation about fan-fiction, first ladies, and feminism.

  • Off the Record with Peter Mansbridge


    From falling space junk to (briefly) trumping Obama in the White House, the anecdotes that colour the five-decade career of Canada's "Voice" are told with the celebrated news anchor’s characteristic authenticity.

  • How The Evil Geniuses Took Over

    Movie + 4 extras

    Kurt Andersen makes cerebral fun. From Martin Friedman to Henry Kravis, neoliberalism to the New Deal, social libertarianism to non-binary politics, the Evil Geniuses author covers the right's long-game takeover of the political economy, as well as outlining a path forward to the light.

  • Friends & Enemies in High Places

    Movie + 1 extra

    Barbara Amiel writes about culturally significant times and places with an almost masochistic compulsion for self-revelation. When it comes to presenting the rich and powerful — on paper and, here, in conversation — her discerning eye and razor wit make for a thrilling ride.

  • A Bracingly Real Take on Lolita


    Lolita is NOT a love story. #MeToo is not an abstraction. Kate Elizabeth Russell (the author of 2020's most eagerly anticipated debut novel, My Dark Vanessa) answers questions about complex female characters, the sexualization, and vilification of teenage girls, as well as the technical challenge...

  • Spirit of the Law


    A generous hour with the brilliant, compassionate, and fearless Marie Henein. Canada's foremost defence lawyer's new memoir is a love letter to her extraordinary family – and a powerful feminist call to shatter damaging paradigms.

  • Jonathan Franzen at the Crossroads


    Jonathon Franzen in conversation is as fascinating, observant, deadpan and compelling as his bestselling books. Join us for a discussion about his new book Crossroads — and laugh at the author's claim that he is not an interesting subject (yeah, right).

  • Terry O'Reilly's Biggest (No, Best!) Mistakes


    The beloved host of CBC’s “Under the Influence” has us convinced that, sometimes, the worst moments in life turn out for the absolute best. O’Reilly walks us through some of the most shatteringly high-profile mistakes from his new book My Best Mistake and explores how those moments sparked the mo...

  • [email protected]: Omar El Akkad & Ian Williams


    With extraordinary depth and candour, the Scotiabank Giller Prize winning authors dive into an illuminating and powerful conversation that ranges from what makes us uncomfortable (and getting comfortable with that) to brownness and whiteness, age and innocence, water and wind. Humble, entertainin...

  • Seductively Salty & Sweet


    Let loose your inner goblin girl, and march with us to the revolutionary Golden Mile and Squalid Mile of 19th Century Montreal, which is where we’ll find Heather O’Neill and her murderous frenemies and revolutionaries, who animate When We Lost Our Heads.

    Find When We Lost Our Heads here: Owl's ...

  • The Push Meets The Maid


    In our second annual Hot Book Handoff, Wordfest exclusively pairs the author of 2020’s must-read domestic thriller The Push with the author of 2021’s sizzling debut mystery The Maid. First-time authors Ashley Audrain & Nita Prose are equally and disarmingly smart, generous, and uplifting.