Memoirs That (Really) Matter

  • Black Like Me


    Discovering who you are and where you belong are at the heart of each of these writers' bracing and brilliant memoirs. A conversation with Eternity Martis and Tessa McWatt about multi-racial identity, battling stereotypes, and finding community.

  • Japanese Breakfast/Korean Grocery Store


    In conversation with Lainey Lui, Indie rockstar Michelle Zauner on her new memoir Crying in H Mart — a powerful, beautiful account of the author's grief, and her love for her intense mother.

  • Harnarayan Singh's Long Game


    A cross-country, cross-cultural hockey-lovers extravaganza that makes us all proud to be Canadian. The exuberant Harnarayan Singh gives us the stories behind his spectacular hockey memoir, One Game at a Time. Featuring appearances by Ron MacLean, Naheed Nenshi, Nick Bonino, Kelly Hrudey (although...

  • Facing Your Very Worst Fears


    Eva Holland (Outside, Wired, Up Here) talks to fellow journalist Christina Frangou about her best-selling memoir Nerve: a Personal Journey Through the Science of Fear. Getting a handle on fear and trauma. EMDR therapy. The death of a parent. A panic attack while ice-climbing.

  • Interview: Keiler Roberts

    Keiler Roberts’ takes a startlingly dead-pan, marvellously poignant look at motherhood and the passing moments of family life that includes her uniquely difficult experience of facing MS.

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  • A Sublime Hour with Brandi Carlile

    Movie + 13 extras

    Writer, philanthropist, fisherwoman, carpenter, and, oh yes, six-time Grammy Award-winning singer-songwriter Brandi Carlile is breathtakingly honest, open and relatable in conversation about her new memoir, Broken Horses.

  • Interview: Jillian Horton

    Internist, mother, writer and (to even her own surprise) master of the bounce-back no matter how disappointing the failure, Jillian Horton began writing We Are All Perfectly Fine: A Memoir of Love, Medicine and Healing while attending burn-out rehab for doctors. Who knew that becoming a published...

  • Fast Cars, Hard Crowds, Big Ideas

    Movie + 1 extra

    In her new essay collection The Hard Crowd, Rachel Kushner “catalogues the star quality" of the people in her life. The Booker-prize shortlisted author brings dazzling cars and hard-rockin’ artists, writers, and escapades from her adventurous youth to a brilliant conversation with Shelley Youngbl...

  • Interview: Benjamin Hertwig

    Luck comes in many shapes: for poet and GG-finalist Benjamin Hertwig, it has arrived in the form of a returned wallet; a speeding car; a weighty baby; and a carrot cake (for who can summon anger when holding a carrot cake in a bakery line-up while facing one’s ex-wife’s weary lover?).

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  • From Dark Matter to Infinity


    Astrophysicists Katie Mack and Sara Seager explore the possibility of discovering life on another planet (an exoplanet to be precise) and how the universe — yes, the entire cosmos, known and unknown — might end. Visit strange new worlds with these fascinating authors.

  • Truth, Lies & A Disarmingly Honest Amoralman

    Movie + 15 extras

    The award-winning magician and artist transfixes audiences and now, readers, with his dazzling new memoir Amoralman. In conversation, Derek DelGaudio is characteristically deadpan and generous beyond expression — he’s made a life of turning love into transformative storytelling.

  • A Marrying Kind of Man


    Before she died, Amy Krouse Rosenthal penned a Modern Love essay read by in millions, in which she encouraged her husband Jason to find happiness — and alerted potential mates to his good points. Jason shares what happened next: love, loss, and how he filed "that blank space with things that brin...

  • Radically Generous Art

    Movie + 2 extras

    With "heart-quickening" passion and radical generosity, Griffin Poetry Prize winner Jordan Abel talks with David Chariandy about self-care, the pleasure and pain of writing, and what it means to be Nishga (with a 'g').

  • Indigenous Intersections

    Movie + 4 extras

    Hosted by CBC Reads winner Joshua Whitehead, two of North America's leading figures of contemporary Indigenous writing, Billy-Ray Belcourt and Stephen Graham Jones, come together with curiosity, passion and fascinating, fresh approaches to rage, fear, and toxic masculinity.

  • Friends & Enemies in High Places

    Movie + 1 extra

    Barbara Amiel writes about culturally significant times and places with an almost masochistic compulsion for self-revelation. When it comes to presenting the rich and powerful — on paper and, here, in conversation — her discerning eye and razor wit make for a thrilling ride.

  • A Generous Pour


    The youngest sommelier at a Michelin-starred restaurant tells all. “When there isn’t diversity at the table, innovation can’t really occur.” The restorative and life-changing effects of good wine and hospitality. Triumphing over trauma. The Magnum Approach. And Victoria James' wine recommendations!

  • Motherhood & Righteous Anger

    Movie + 1 extra

    Ashley Bristowe’s son was born with a rare genetic disease and deemed unable to walk or talk. The author's determination to smash through the bureaucracy that would seal her son’s fate as profoundly disabled is an astonishing act of love, and made for a raw, passionate conversation about the brea...

  • Apocalypse Now?


    What if the end of the world isn’t the end of the world? What the heck is a bug-out bag? How a writer’s doomsday obsession led him on a global odyssey in search of answers; from an underground survival community in South Dakota and the 1% building billionaires' bunkers in New Zealand to would-be ...

  • Memorably in Search of Memory

    Movie + 3 extras

    One of the most startlingly inventive and distinctive voices of Russia's first post-Soviet literary generation, Maria Stepanova talks to author and artist Leanne Shapton about photography, film and what makes a family "ordinary".

  • Tegan & Sara Share All

    Movie + 2 extras

    In conversation with their long-time friend Vivek Shraya, we celebrate our favourite musical twins’ and the release of their paperback bestselling book High School. Join us for this old fashioned after-school hang-out in the Imagine On Air basement. Music. Fashion. Crushes. Insecurities. Feelings!

  • Finding My Father on the Trap Line

    Movie + 1 extra

    Long-time friends and endearing members of the mutual admiration club, Swampy Cree author David A. Robertson and YA novelist Alice Kuipers laugh at old photos, discuss parenting, work goals — and tenderly champion one another’s work.

  • A Wise Kick in the Ass From Jann

    Movie + 2 extras

    A lot happens when you talk to singer, songwriter, actor, comedian and writer Jann Arden. Learn about Crone goddesses, how to find “kindness in our bones” and strength in our friendships and get closer to the woman behind the song lyrics we’ve come to cherish.

  • Life Lessons at the Poker Table


    The best-selling New Yorker writer (and psychologist) devoted a year to becoming a professional poker player. Mentored by the biggest names in the game, she went on to win big in high stakes No Limit Texas Hold 'Em. Explaining how she did it, she shares valuable insights into disentangling skill ...

  • Interview: Ben Philippe

    Ben Philippe learned that when the maps came out, his dad’s recurring restlessness was poised to upend life as the family knew it. The author of Sure, I’ll Be Your Black Friend, shares his generous outlook on race, friendship and family.
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