Indigenous Voices

  • King & Our Queen of Hosts

    Movie + 4 extras

    CBC’s Shelagh Rogers and Thomas King never fail to steal our hearts and enrich our minds. The long-time friends discuss King’s Indians on Vacation, as well his popular DreadfulWater mystery series.

  • Kindred Spirits
    Movie + 3 extras

    Kindred Spirits

    Movie + 3 extras

    Short-story writer Téa Mutonji and Oji-nêhiyaw, Two-Spirit poet and 2021 Canada Reads-winning novelist Joshua Whitehead laugh, plot and, inspire us — and one another.

  • How to Be Fearless


    Writer, activist, and myth maker among the Fraser Valley First Nations Sto:lo people Lee Maracle joins Governor General Literary Award winner Kim Thúy to discuss books, history, and their most meaningful treasures. Oh, and what Thúy did at Rideau Hall.

  • Tricksters & Ghosts
    Movie + 1 extra

    Tricksters & Ghosts

    Movie + 1 extra

    A member of the Haisla and Heiltsuk First Nations. author Eden Robinson meets B.C.-born, New York City novelist Emily St. John Mandel connect with laughter, curiosity, and a shared respect for the supernatural.

  • What the World Needs Now

    Movie + 4 extras

    Métis writer and activist Cherie Dimaline and Maria Campbell, the renowned Métis author of Halfbreed, move us to tears, laughter, and inspiration to live with intention and compassion.

  • Indigenous Intersections

    Movie + 4 extras

    Hosted by CBC Reads winner Joshua Whitehead, two of North America's leading figures of contemporary Indigenous writing, Billy-Ray Belcourt and Stephen Graham Jones, come together with curiosity, passion and fascinating, fresh approaches to rage, fear, and toxic masculinity.

  • Alberta (Writers) Bound for Big Things


    Wayne Arthurson is a seasoned novelist and non-fiction writer. Ian Kinney is a poet new to the publishing game. A lively discussion with two Alberta Book Award winners about inspiration, the importance of structure to the writing process, and the rhythm of a red Chesterfield.

  • Interview: Darrel J. McLeod

    “Don’t cry” and “I love you” were oft-repeated phrases that resonated with this GG-award winning Cree author throughout his childhood. Certainly, the loved ones who uttered those words contributed to McLeod’s remarkable, multiple bounce-backs from unspeakable events — events the author does indee...

  • Radically Generous Art

    Movie + 2 extras

    With "heart-quickening" passion and radical generosity, Griffin Poetry Prize winner Jordan Abel talks with David Chariandy about self-care, the pleasure and pain of writing, and what it means to be Nishga (with a 'g').

  • Finding My Father on the Trap Line

    Movie + 1 extra

    Long-time friends and endearing members of the mutual admiration club, Swampy Cree author David A. Robertson and YA novelist Alice Kuipers laugh at old photos, discuss parenting, work goals — and tenderly champion one another’s work.

  • The Always Remarkable Thomas King

    Movie + 7 extras

    A very special conversation with the multi-talented, ever-engaging author in celebration of his much-anticipated novel Sufferance, hosted by Iris Tupholme, Executive Publisher at HarperCollins Canada and King’s longtime editor.

  • The Way We Bounce
    Movie + 6 extras

    The Way We Bounce

    Movie + 6 extras

    What is resilience made of? Failure. Optimism. Love. And, sometimes, clean sheets and a tenderly executed shave. We can't know what alchemy pushes anyone to thrive against all odds. We can, however, watch and learn from these five extraordinary humans who bounced when they could have broken.

  • Unsung Indigenous Comedy


    In conversation with Plains Cree comedian and author Dawn Dumont, Kliph Nesteroff digs deep into the untold history of Indigenous humour. The hero among many unsung heroes of this story? Comedy Store regular Charlie Hill, whose classic joke became the title of Nesteroff's book: "My people are fro...

  • "My Animal Buddies"

  • "I Think of Myself as a Storyteller"

  • "Social Justice Advocacy"

    Thomas King in conversation with Shelagh Rogers, 2020.

  • "What to Do With Our Surplus Rage"

  • "What Breaks the Cycle of Rage"

  • "Story Keeping"

    Maria Campbell, in conversation with Cherie Dimaline, 2020.

  • "My Work is Always in a Poetic Register"

  • "Cherie's Dimaline's Motto"

    Cherie Dimaline, in conversation with Maria Campbell, 2020.

  • "What is Your Greatest Extravagance?"

  • "Three Words to Describe Joshua Whitehead's Writing"

  • "How Has Being a Published Writer Affected Your Life?"