Building a Better World Together

  • Interview: Koa Beck

    Koa Beck fearlessly asks, and answers, questions about race and misogyny that expose the urgent need to break rules that uphold the patriarchy. As referenced by actor Viola Davis in her Emmy speech, Black icon Harriet Tubman saw that as a line that black women couldn’t cross. Beck decides, howeve...

  • Power Rangers


    Inspiring, articulate and fearless, pioneering marine biologist Alexandra Morton and former Banff National Park superintendent Kevin Van Tighem are unwavering in their powerful pursuits of protecting the health and diversity of our natural world.

  • Interview: Ben Philippe

    Ben Philippe learned that when the maps came out, his dad’s recurring restlessness was poised to upend life as the family knew it. The author of Sure, I’ll Be Your Black Friend, shares his generous outlook on race, friendship and family.
    Pick up a copy of Sure, I'll Be Your Black Friend here: htt...

  • Yes, She Wrote It Before COVID


    Irish-Canadian writer Emma Donoghue shares the stories behind her brilliant, timely, instant No. 1 bestseller The Pull of Our Stars, which depicts a claustrophobic maternity ward and the women who did extraordinary things there during the 1918 pandemic.

  • We are Not Doomed
    Movie + 1 extra

    We are Not Doomed

    Movie + 1 extra

    With unflinching honesty, scientist Thomas Homer-Dixon calls on our collective need to understand ourselves and our views more keenly if we are to map out a better world. From stemming “social earthquakes” to re-thinking our hero stories, his potential solutions are sobering, practical, and deepl...

  • What the World Needs Now

    Movie + 4 extras

    Métis writer and activist Cherie Dimaline and Maria Campbell, the renowned Métis author of Halfbreed, move us to tears, laughter, and inspiration to live with intention and compassion.

  • Interview: Jillian Horton

    Internist, mother, writer and (to even her own surprise) master of the bounce-back no matter how disappointing the failure, Jillian Horton began writing We Are All Perfectly Fine: A Memoir of Love, Medicine and Healing while attending burn-out rehab for doctors. Who knew that becoming a published...

  • Harnarayan Singh's Long Game


    A cross-country, cross-cultural hockey-lovers extravaganza that makes us all proud to be Canadian. The exuberant Harnarayan Singh gives us the stories behind his spectacular hockey memoir, One Game at a Time. Featuring appearances by Ron MacLean, Naheed Nenshi, Nick Bonino, Kelly Hrudey (although...

  • Interview: Frederick Joseph

    When his book The Black Friend: How to Be a Better White Person made the New York Times bestseller list, Frederick Joseph broke down in tears thinking of his With sincerity and encouragement, Joseph — founder of The Black Panther Challenge that enabled 75,000 low-income kids to see the Marvel mov...

  • Interview: Darrel J. McLeod

    “Don’t cry” and “I love you” were oft-repeated phrases that resonated with this GG-award winning Cree author throughout his childhood. Certainly, the loved ones who uttered those words contributed to McLeod’s remarkable, multiple bounce-backs from unspeakable events — events the author does indee...

  • King & Our Queen of Hosts

    Movie + 4 extras

    CBC’s Shelagh Rogers and Thomas King never fail to steal our hearts and enrich our minds. The long-time friends discuss King’s Indians on Vacation, as well his popular DreadfulWater mystery series.

  • How to Be Fearless


    Writer, activist, and myth maker among the Fraser Valley First Nations Sto:lo people Lee Maracle joins Governor General Literary Award winner Kim Thúy to discuss books, history, and their most meaningful treasures. Oh, and what Thúy did at Rideau Hall.

  • Radical Acts of Mental Health


    A Harvard grad and Rhodes Scholar, Dr. David Goldbloom is more than a little bit brilliant as well as exceptionally kind, funny and endlessly insightful. He joins us in lively conversation around his new book We Can Do Better: Urgent Innovations to Improve Mental Health Access and Care, which nav...