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  • Tricksters & Ghosts
    Movie + 1 extra

    Tricksters & Ghosts

    Movie + 1 extra

    A member of the Haisla and Heiltsuk First Nations. author Eden Robinson meets B.C.-born, New York City novelist Emily St. John Mandel connect with laughter, curiosity, and a shared respect for the supernatural.

  • Interview: Bob Wiseman

    Bob Wiseman is many things — writer, producer, composer, musician, PhD student. But his most striking gift, fearlessly revealed last night, is his willingness to share his discomfort and vulnerability in this altered state of connection and communication.

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  • Interview: David Macfarlane

    Best known for his remarkable memoir The Danger Tree, author Dave Macfarlane explores grief, memory and love in his new book Likeness: fathers, sons, a portrait. In conversation, Macfarlane shares his perspective on the multi-dimensional, non-sequential puzzle of living and writing.
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  • Fixing the Elder Care Crisis


    Let's talk about the thing we're least prepared to talk about: what will happen to us when we can't take care our ourselves. André Picard is generous, unflappable and tough as nails — just what the world needs to ignite transform elder care now.

  • Interview: Perdita Felicien

    Obsessed with wanting her child to be “gritty,” world-champion hurdler Perdita Felicien was transformed by motherhood when she came to see her daughter, Nova, as a separate individual.

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  • Interview: Uzma Jalaluddin

    Uzma Julaladid overheard her parents’ daily conversation about what to make for dinner. When that domestic love ritual ended, her mother gave in to her first-gen Canadian kids’ plea to trade dal for nachos.

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  • Interview: Sharon Butala

    The incomparable, award-winning author of Season of Fury and Wonder, Sharon Butala joins us from her aerie high above the Calgary skyline where she yearns for company but finds hope under a “measureless silent sky” (swoon).

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  • Harnarayan Singh's Long Game


    A cross-country, cross-cultural hockey-lovers extravaganza that makes us all proud to be Canadian. The exuberant Harnarayan Singh gives us the stories behind his spectacular hockey memoir, One Game at a Time. Featuring appearances by Ron MacLean, Naheed Nenshi, Nick Bonino, Kelly Hrudey (although...

  • Interview: Benjamin Hertwig

    Luck comes in many shapes: for poet and GG-finalist Benjamin Hertwig, it has arrived in the form of a returned wallet; a speeding car; a weighty baby; and a carrot cake (for who can summon anger when holding a carrot cake in a bakery line-up while facing one’s ex-wife’s weary lover?).

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  • Finding My Father on the Trap Line

    Movie + 1 extra

    Long-time friends and endearing members of the mutual admiration club, Swampy Cree author David A. Robertson and YA novelist Alice Kuipers laugh at old photos, discuss parenting, work goals — and tenderly champion one another’s work.

  • A Marrying Kind of Man


    Before she died, Amy Krouse Rosenthal penned a Modern Love essay read by in millions, in which she encouraged her husband Jason to find happiness — and alerted potential mates to his good points. Jason shares what happened next: love, loss, and how he filed "that blank space with things that brin...

  • Interview: Koa Beck

    Koa Beck fearlessly asks, and answers, questions about race and misogyny that expose the urgent need to break rules that uphold the patriarchy. As referenced by actor Viola Davis in her Emmy speech, Black icon Harriet Tubman saw that as a line that black women couldn’t cross. Beck decides, howeve...

  • "Starting the Dollar a Day Foundation"

  • Power Rangers


    Inspiring, articulate and fearless, pioneering marine biologist Alexandra Morton and former Banff National Park superintendent Kevin Van Tighem are unwavering in their powerful pursuits of protecting the health and diversity of our natural world.

  • "A Space for Lost Loved Ones"

  • Interview: Desmond Cole

    Desmond Cole's story about the devastating bullying he endured by his elementary-school principal serves as a milestone moment in his own understanding of insidious, unwanted attention and powerlessness. He also re-visits a story he shared with Wordfesters on his last visit to Calgary in February...

  • Interview: Cathrin Bradbury

    Editor, journalist, Senior News Director at CBC, and author of the new memoir The Bright Side, Bradbury is all sharp intelligence and soft heart. She shares with us the incredible story of how her brother — “whose insides were full of holes” — convinced her (and, likewise, us) that, with the righ...

  • Interview: Kim Echlin

    Her novel Speak, Silence is as powerful a story of resilience as has ever been told, with war, sisterhood, and love at its core. Her bounce-back story for us focuses on the ancient Sumerian goddess Inanna — and what might be the very first written drinking/hangover story. She also tells us here h...

  • Interview: Kaleb Dahlgren

    A tough diagnosis at the age of four gave this former Humboldt Bronco an early taste of adversity. He’s been building resilience ever since. The horrific 2018 bus crash left him with a head injury that, remarkably, he sees as a “gift” that fuels his drive to help others. He shares what fueled him...

  • "Fighting Loneliness"

  • Kinship, Chemistry (and Whisky)

    Movie + 6 extras

    Guy Gavriel Kay and Marina Endicott are from different literary worlds, yet they finish each other sentences as they segue from one fascinating topic to the next with ease and delight.

  • Nature, Nurture, or Both?


    In Hidden Valley Road, award-winning journalist Robert Kolker tells the heartrending story of how an all-American family with a dozen children, six of whom were diagnosed with schizophrenia, became science’s greatest hope in understanding and treating the disease. An Oprah pick and named one of t...

  • "Sara's Mantra: So Glad I'm Gay"

  • Interview: Lisa Ray

    Actor, TV host, activist and writer Lisa Ray once pushed away food to define herself in response to a tempestuous relationship with her mother. Now, she embraces food with joy and health.

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