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  • Off the Record with Peter Mansbridge


    From falling space junk to (briefly) trumping Obama in the White House, the anecdotes that colour the five-decade career of Canada's "Voice" are told with the celebrated news anchor’s characteristic authenticity.

  • The Way We Talk Animals

    Rachel Yoder, Kai Cheng Thom and Joni Murphy give us their idiosyncratic takes on creature-love, courage and curiosity.

    Pick up a copy of Talking Animals here: https://wordfest.com/2021/imagineonair-featured-books/joni-murphy

    Pick up a copy of For Laika here: https://wordfest.com/2021/imagineo...

  • Interview: Kai Cheng Thom

    Kai Cheng Thom is deeply passionate about what makes people tick. Her life-long interest in Laika, the Soviet space dog, is a celebration of the author’s wonderfully engaged curiosity about human/animal motivations, aspirations, and ways of being in the world (and the outer galaxy).

    Pick up a c...

  • Interview: Rachel Yoder

    Rachel Yoder knows how to not only write a dazzling story but how to tell one. Through her relationship with her very brave and confident cat-son — the late, great wonderfully named Snacks — Yoder learned to be very brave and confident herself. In conversation with Pam Rocker about her beloved fe...

  • Interview: Joni Murphy

    She had us at “Mitchell, the sociable llama.” Joni Murphy is a novelist/poet, whose new book features a fictional New York City inhabited entirely by animals (if you can take your eyes off the book’s captivating cover long enough to open it).

    Pick up a copy of Talking Animals here: https://word...

  • Japanese Breakfast/Korean Grocery Store


    In conversation with Lainey Lui, Indie rockstar Michelle Zauner on her new memoir Crying in H Mart — a powerful, beautiful account of the author's grief, and her love for her intense mother.

  • Fact, Fiction & Family Secrets


    Tragic family secrets are fascinating fodder for fiction —most satisfyingly revealed when shared by a master writer such as Wayne Johnston.