Lit Awardees & Oprah's Picks

  • Interview: Uzma Jalaluddin

    Uzma Julaladid overheard her parents’ daily conversation about what to make for dinner. When that domestic love ritual ended, her mother gave in to her first-gen Canadian kids’ plea to trade dal for nachos.

    Pick up a copy of Hana Khan Carries On here:

  • Interview: Kim Echlin

    Her novel Speak, Silence is as powerful a story of resilience as has ever been told, with war, sisterhood, and love at its core. Her bounce-back story for us focuses on the ancient Sumerian goddess Inanna — and what might be the very first written drinking/hangover story. She also tells us here h...

  • Interview: Lorna Crozier

    The luck of meeting (and marrying) a man who instantly makes you want to slide your hand between the snaps of his cowboy shirt — fortune rarely smiles so widely. The formidable, lovable Lorna Crozier recently had devastatingly bad luck, too; her new memoir is a stunning tribute to her life with P...

  • Black Like Me


    Discovering who you are and where you belong are at the heart of each of these writers' bracing and brilliant memoirs. A conversation with Eternity Martis and Tessa McWatt about multi-racial identity, battling stereotypes, and finding community.

  • Atwood, Williams, Poetry, Shoes


    With joy and affection, CanLit heavy-weights Margaret Atwood and Ian Williams have much to discuss, not least of which is what footwear they chose at the age of 25.

  • Nature, Nurture, or Both?


    In Hidden Valley Road, award-winning journalist Robert Kolker tells the heartrending story of how an all-American family with a dozen children, six of whom were diagnosed with schizophrenia, became science’s greatest hope in understanding and treating the disease. An Oprah pick and named one of t...

  • Yes, She Wrote It Before COVID


    Irish-Canadian writer Emma Donoghue shares the stories behind her brilliant, timely, instant No. 1 bestseller The Pull of Our Stars, which depicts a claustrophobic maternity ward and the women who did extraordinary things there during the 1918 pandemic.

  • The Incomparable Roddy Doyle


    The Booker Prize winning Irish novelist reminiscences about Calgary, his friendship with Paul Quarrington, and his response to seeing Will Ferguson in a kilt. His latest, Love, resonates with middle-aged longings: for connection, for home, for self, for happiness, for meaning.

  • Indigenous Intersections

    Movie + 4 extras

    Hosted by CBC Reads winner Joshua Whitehead, two of North America's leading figures of contemporary Indigenous writing, Billy-Ray Belcourt and Stephen Graham Jones, come together with curiosity, passion and fascinating, fresh approaches to rage, fear, and toxic masculinity.

  • Kindred Spirits
    Movie + 3 extras

    Kindred Spirits

    Movie + 3 extras

    Short-story writer Téa Mutonji and Oji-nêhiyaw, Two-Spirit poet and 2021 Canada Reads-winning novelist Joshua Whitehead laugh, plot and, inspire us — and one another.

  • Apocalypse Now?


    What if the end of the world isn’t the end of the world? What the heck is a bug-out bag? How a writer’s doomsday obsession led him on a global odyssey in search of answers; from an underground survival community in South Dakota and the 1% building billionaires' bunkers in New Zealand to would-be ...

  • Memorably in Search of Memory

    Movie + 3 extras

    One of the most startlingly inventive and distinctive voices of Russia's first post-Soviet literary generation, Maria Stepanova talks to author and artist Leanne Shapton about photography, film and what makes a family "ordinary".

  • An Intergalactic Showstopper


    Dawnie Walton’s approach to life and writing is nothing short of dazzling. The author’s unique joy and depth comes out in conversation as much as it does off every page of her widely acclaimed ‘intergalactic show-stopper’ of a book, The Final Revival of Opal & Nev.

  • Finding My Father on the Trap Line

    Movie + 1 extra

    Long-time friends and endearing members of the mutual admiration club, Swampy Cree author David A. Robertson and YA novelist Alice Kuipers laugh at old photos, discuss parenting, work goals — and tenderly champion one another’s work.

  • Radically Generous Art

    Movie + 2 extras

    With "heart-quickening" passion and radical generosity, Griffin Poetry Prize winner Jordan Abel talks with David Chariandy about self-care, the pleasure and pain of writing, and what it means to be Nishga (with a 'g').

  • Interview: Wayne Grady

    Wayne Grady, author of the new novel, The Good Father, had no idea having daughters would be so… complex. Here, he shares the lessons he learned (and keeps learning) and why he got inside the head of a fictional young woman named Daphne.
    Pick up a copy of The Good Father here: https://wordfest.c...

  • The Hum is Real
    Movie + 1 extra

    The Hum is Real

    Movie + 1 extra

    Truth, conspiracy, madness, belonging, and… wait a minute, do you hear that? Jordan Tannahill's profound new literary thriller, The Listeners, is an ear-worm can't shake.

  • [email protected]: Terry Fallis & Linden MacIntyre


    With humour, insight, and one unexpected admission of sparking creativity by “playing solitaire until I hate myself,” bestselling Canadian authors Terry Fallis and Linden MacIntyre explore power, identity, and friendship in their masterful new books Operation Angus and The Winter Wives.

  • Jonathan Franzen at the Crossroads


    Jonathon Franzen in conversation is as fascinating, observant, deadpan and compelling as his bestselling books. Join us for a discussion about his new book Crossroads — and laugh at the author's claim that he is not an interesting subject (yeah, right).

  • [email protected]: Omar El Akkad & Ian Williams


    With extraordinary depth and candour, the Scotiabank Giller Prize winning authors dive into an illuminating and powerful conversation that ranges from what makes us uncomfortable (and getting comfortable with that) to brownness and whiteness, age and innocence, water and wind. Humble, entertainin...

  • Seductively Salty & Sweet


    Let loose your inner goblin girl, and march with us to the revolutionary Golden Mile and Squalid Mile of 19th Century Montreal, which is where we’ll find Heather O’Neill and her murderous frenemies and revolutionaries, who animate When We Lost Our Heads.

    Find When We Lost Our Heads here: Owl's ...