Open Your Mind

  • Transcendent Yaa Gyasi


    Everyone from The Today Show book-clubber Jenna Bush Hager and Gretchen Rubin (The Happiness Project) to Oprah Winfrey has recommended Yaa Gyasi’s tender and insightful intergenerational story of a Ghanaian family in Alabama. We concur.

  • Facing Your Very Worst Fears


    Eva Holland (Outside, Wired, Up Here) talks to fellow journalist Christina Frangou about her best-selling memoir Nerve: a Personal Journey Through the Science of Fear. Getting a handle on fear and trauma. EMDR therapy. The death of a parent. A panic attack while ice-climbing.

  • Unspeakable Acts: The Best of True Crime


    Three aficionados of the true crime genre talk blood spatter, con artists, dead blondes, doomscrolling, and the stories – and podcasts – that keep them up at night. Also, the allure of the unreliable narrator and questioning authority.

  • Apocalypse Now?


    What if the end of the world isn’t the end of the world? What the heck is a bug-out bag? How a writer’s doomsday obsession led him on a global odyssey in search of answers; from an underground survival community in South Dakota and the 1% building billionaires' bunkers in New Zealand to would-be ...

  • Nature, Nurture, or Both?


    In Hidden Valley Road, award-winning journalist Robert Kolker tells the heartrending story of how an all-American family with a dozen children, six of whom were diagnosed with schizophrenia, became science’s greatest hope in understanding and treating the disease. An Oprah pick and named one of t...

  • From Dark Matter to Infinity


    Astrophysicists Katie Mack and Sara Seager explore the possibility of discovering life on another planet (an exoplanet to be precise) and how the universe — yes, the entire cosmos, known and unknown — might end. Visit strange new worlds with these fascinating authors.

  • How to Age Successfully (Really!)


    What happens in our brains as we age? The latest insights from renown This Is Your Brain On Music neuroscientist Daniel Levitin. Including: The COACH secret: Curiosity, Openness, Associations, Conscientiousness, Healthy Lifestyle Practices. The neuro-generative wonders of mushrooms. How to’s for ...

  • Unsung Indigenous Comedy


    In conversation with Plains Cree comedian and author Dawn Dumont, Kliph Nesteroff digs deep into the untold history of Indigenous humour. The hero among many unsung heroes of this story? Comedy Store regular Charlie Hill, whose classic joke became the title of Nesteroff's book: "My people are fro...

  • How Evil Geniuses Took Over


    Kurt Andersen makes cerebral fun. From Martin Friedman to Henry Kravis, neoliberalism to the New Deal, social libertarianism to non-binary politics, the Evil Geniuses author covers the right's long-game takeover of the political economy, as well as outlining a path forward to the light.

  • Pilot Episode: Jeff VanderMeer


    Our first guest in Imagine On Air's sparky new series Big Generous Brains, the author of Hummingbird Salamander, Annihilation, and Borne gives us unique insights into his creative mind — a wild, wildly intelligent place with a birdsong soundtrack.

  • How Our Voices Make Us Human

    Movie + 2 extras

    A master of making advanced science not only accessible but riveting, John Colapinto dives deep into auditory physics. He uncovers why babies can't use vowels; how Beyoncé “fetches us to tears;” and what makes George Clooney's voice sexy.

  • Interview: Ethan Lou

    While we hungrily await Ethan Lou‘s upcoming book Once a Bitcoin Miner, we vow to seek love and comfort akin to what he discovered in Germany via dutifully following the “rules of plague.”

    Pick up a copy of Field Notes from a Pandemic here: